All Eyes Are On You at Dr. Darren Emmett, OD

All Eyes Are On You at Dr. Darren Emmett, OD

Treatment for glaucoma, cataracts and other eye conditions in Mt. Holly, NC

You vision is important. If you’re experiencing sudden eye pain or hazy and blurred vison, you need to see an eye doctor right away. Make an appointment with Dr. Emmett of Mt. Holly, North Carolina. Our goal is to offer effective eye treatment to help prevent vision-threatening damage. We’ll assess your eyes and determine the best treatment to help protect your eye health.

Personal service for your precious eyesight

If you haven’t had your vision checked in a few years, you should schedule an eye exam with Dr. Emmett. It will help us learn more about the condition of your eyes and detect any eye problems or diseases. We can detect, diagnose and treat serious eye conditions, such as:

Macular degeneration
Corneal ulcers
Eyelid bumps

Take care of your eyes with help from Dr.Emmett of Mt. Holly, NC. Call 704-827-2009 to schedule a consultation.